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Choose the Material

Stainless Steel: long sustain (8-10 seg), brighter/louder tone, warm/ceramic timbre, natural rust resistance, dark golden: (sample video)

Nitrided Steel: standard sustain (3-5 seg), mellow/lightly quieter tone, classic/balanced timbre, rust-proof treatment, dark blue: (sample video)

Choose the Tuning

440Hz: standard tuning: (sample video)

432Hz: (sample video)

Choose the Scale/Model

Take a look to the most common handpan models. If this is your first instrument, a good option would be a D3 Kurd, D3 Celtic Minor, C#3 Annaziska or C#3 Amara: Youtube Channel

Choose the total amount of notes

More notes = more fun: the total amount of notes will define the final price. The minimun amount of notes is 9 (8+1), but you can expand your Mercury with extra notes on top side (mutant notes) or gu side (bottom notes). Depending on the amount of notes, we'll suggest you the perfect layout for your custom Mercury.

Choose the Backpack Case (Required)

Protect your new baby: It's important to take care of your new Mercury, so at least a semi-rigid case (Evatek) is needed. But if you are planing to take your Mercury by plane or long trips, maybe you will need a hard case (Aviotek).

Choose extra Accessories (Optional)

Extras: take care of your new Mercury with a Care Kit, add a soft bag for short movements or a chair for easy playing. Here you can see some optional Accessories that you can add to your order.

Phoenix® Handpan Oil Care Kit 25,00 
Quechua® Tripod Chair 15,00 
AIRpad - AIR Back Support 25,00 
Simply RE-PET Black (soft bag) 80,00 
HandpanUP - Handpan Floor Stand 100,00 
SPand - Handpan Stand (ALL IN ONE) 190,00 


Let us know any doubt or suggestion you need.

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